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Notice of Special General Meeting (SGM) -2019

The Muslim Co-orperative Bank Ltd. Pune

Muslim Co-operative Bank

26 branches All over Maharashtra.Shortly opening branches at Sangli, Malegaon,Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Bandra,Kalyan, among others.

Chairman's Message

I welcome you to the family of The Muslim Co-op. Bank Ltd., Pune, on the occasion of the official launch of our new website. Established in 1931, The Muslim Co-operative Bank Ltd., Pune, has a memorable and glorious past and a bright future.

-   Chairman

Late Janab Ramzan Umar Shaikh and Janab Abdul Kader Ebrahimjee, the veteran social activist, were the founder members.With only 25 members, the initial share capital was Rs.2,665. Today, the Bank is run by AwamiMahaz a Social Organisation headed by Mr.P.A.Inamdar.

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