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Any Branch Banking

ABB Facility available for the following transaction only
A. Accepts request for deposits and payments of only Savings and Current Account of customers of any branch in our bank. B. The transaction receipt or payment should not exceed more than Rs.1,00,000 for a single day. C. Printing of passbook and balance enquiry on a regular basis to all customers on request. D. PAN number is mandatory for all cash transactions above Rs.50,000 E. Complete address is mandatory for third party deposits in any account using ABB F. No payment at any cost on produce of withdrawal slip and debit/credit vouchers for cash payment. G. 15 digit account number is a must for any type of cheque payment for deposit of cash/cheque pay in slip H. Payment for closing of accounts is allowed at the parent branch only. I. Loan installment payment is not allowed in ABB transaction i.e. loan repayment/installments will be accepted only at the parent branch. J. No ABB transaction allowed for term deposit accounts of branches other than the parent branch.

Dos and DON’Ts

Cash Withdrawal: Using Cheque Only

Customers can withdraw cash from their account from any of our core connected branches by presenting a self-drawn cheque. This facility is not extended for withdrawals by any third party. A maximum amount of Rs.1,00,000 only can be withdrawn across the bank on a particular day.

Cash Deposit:

Proper and adequate steps are taken by the bank management for getting the status of a multi-state bank. The initial share capital was Rs.2665/- and there were only 25 members.

Fund Transfers:

Instantly transfer funds between accounts or between your account and any third-party account maintained at various core connected branches of our bank.

Purchase of Demand Drafts / Pay Orders:

Purchase demand drafts/pay orders at any branch by debiting your account maintained at the base branch, subject to clear balance of accounts at the time of transaction.

Deposit of Local Cheques:

You can deposit local cheques at any branch for crediting the proceeds after realization to your account maintained at the base branch.

Eligible Customers - in self presence only

All adult individual customers and proprietary concerns having a savings, current account. Once the cash is deposited over the counter and acknowledgement is given, then it will not be returned to the customer in any circumstances. Any fake note detected during cash deposition will be not returned to the customer under any circumstances.

Please ask for customer copy receipt and make sure the information is correct before you leave the branch premises.

Please keep the receipt for future references.