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Personal Loan


    (Limit Upto Rs.50,000/-) (Share Holder of the Bank Compulsory)
  • A. If Applicant Is
  • Self Employed(Proprietorship) Partnership Professional
  • Shop Act license –Original (Renewed) Shop Act license –Original (Renewed) Xerox of the Certificate of the Profession
  • Ration Card Partnership Deed Shop Act license –Original (Renewed)
  • Business Evidence Consent of the Partner's Ration Card
  • Photo Identification Ration Card Xerox Business Evidence
  • Latest Balance Sheet Business Evidence Photo Identification
  • Latest Profit And Loss Photo Identification Latest Balance Sheet
  • Latest Stock Statement Latest Balance Sheet Latest Profit And Loss
  • 01 Latest Passport Size Photo Latest Profit And Loss Latest Stock Statement
  •   Latest Stock Statement 01 Latest Passport Size Photo 01 Latest Passport Size Photo
  • B. 02 Sureties are required
  • Self Employed (Proprietorship) Professional
  • 01 Latest Passport Size Photo Solvent Shareholders (Document to be submitted)
  • Shop Act license –Original (Renewed) 01 Latest Passport Size Photo
  • Ration Card Xerox Photo Identification)
  • Bussiness Evidence Electrol Registration Card
  • Photo Identification Passport
  • Latest Balance Sheet Pan Card
  • Latest Profit And Loss Employer ID Card
  •   Ration Card
  •   Latest Salary Certificate
  •   Company Undertaking
  • Loan Forms from the Branch

    1. Hypo Loan Form

    2. Applicant and surety Appraisal form.